Ann Cooper gravestone
(Photo by Vernon B. Paddock)

B: about 1838
D: December 9, 1949
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According to the “Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls Detail Report”, Illinois State Archives:

“Name: Cooper, George J; Rank: Pvt; Company: B; Unit: 96 IL US Inf; Residence: Avon, Lake Co, IL; Age 19; Height: 5′ 6 1/2; Hair: Brown; Eyes: Blue; Complextion: Fair; Marital Status: Single; Occupation: farmer; Nativity: IL; Joined When: Aug 9, 1862; Joined Where: Avon, IL; Joined by Whom: Salisbury; Period: 3 Yrs; Muster In: Sep 5, 1862; Muster in Where: Rockford, IL; Remarks: Died Nov 18, 1863 in Hospital in Louisville KY”

According to “The Past and Present of Lake County, IL”. Chicago: Wm Le Baron & Co. 1877. page 477:

“Cooper, George J. e. Aug. 9, 1862, died at Louisville, Ky., Nov. 10, 1863”

According to “Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Lake County”. Hon. Charles A. Partridge. Chicago. 1902., page 651:

“Died of Disease.

   Avon. – Oscar V. Douglas unassigned: Edward Craig, 12th Ill. Cavalry; John S. Ward, 37th Ill.; Alonza Miltimore, 39th Ill.; James Brown, George J. Cooper, Alfred Collins and James O’Connell, 96th Ill; Charles O. Hendee, 134th Ill.; James Trulock, 144th Ill.; Byron W. Doolittle, 153d Ill.”

According to the U.S. National Cemetery Interment Control Forms, 1928-1962:

“Interment in the Cave Hill, Louisville, Ky National Cemetery; To – The Quartermaster General, Washington, D. C.; Name: Cooper, George J; Rank: Pvt; Company: B; Regiment or Vessel: Number: 96, State: Ill, Arm: Inf; Date of Death: Nov 18 1863; Grave No.: 2185; Remarks: Original place of burial Louisville, Ky” 

    • John J. Cooper born May 1846 in Avon Township, Lake County, IL; lived with James and Dorothy Kapple in Avon Township in 1860; Civil War Veteran (2/6/1865 – 9/21/1865) married Celia Ann Baxter, daughter of Warren F. Baxter and Maria Baxter; by 1900 John and Celia lived in White River, Prairie County, AR

According to the Illinois Civil War Muster and Descriptive Rolls Detail Report:

“Name: Cooper, John J; Rank: Pvt; Company: H; Unit: 153 IL US Inf; Residence: Avon, Lake, IL; Age: 18; Height: 5′ 8; Hair: Brown; Eyes: Blue; Complexion: Light; Marital Status: (blank); Occupation: Farmer; Nativity: Avon, IL; Joined When: Feb 6, 1865; Joined Where: Avon, IL; Joined by Whom: E B Messer; Period: 1 Yr; Muster in: Feb 11, 1865; Muster in Where: Chicago, IL; Muster out: Sep 21, 1865; Muster out Where: Memphis, TN; Muster out by Whom: Lt Brown”