Anne B. (Vagt) (Hayes) (Brosseau) Haskins gravestone
(Photo by Vernon B. Paddock)

B. June 22, 1886 in Chicago, Cook County, IL
D. November 27, 1958 in Lake Villa, Lake County, IL
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  • Father: Hans John Vagt born March 1860 in Germany; married Hans John Vagt on October 17, 1885 in Cook County, IL; Hans died February 1938 in Milwaukee, Milwaukee County, WI; buried in Montrose Cemetery, Chicago, Cook County, IL

According to the Chicago Tribune (Chicago IL) Sunday, February 13, 1938, page 16:

“VAGT – Hans Vagt, at Milwaukee, Wis., beloved husband of the late Ida, nee Wiedenhoft, fond father of Anne Haskins, Paul, Elizabeth Keenan and Richard.  Survived by seven grandchildren.  Services Monday, at 2 p. m., at chapel, 3905-07 Lincoln avenue.  Interment Montrose.”

  • Mother: Ida (Wiedenhoft) Vagt born March 26, 1864 in Germany, daughter of Carl Wiedenhoft and Augusta Wiedenhoft (1834-?); Ida died July 10, 1936 in Cook County, IL; buried in Montrose Cemetery, Chicago, Cook County, IL

According to the Illinois, U.S., Deaths and Stillbirths Index, 1916-1947:

“Name: Ida Vagt (Ida Wiedenhoft); Birth Date: 26 Mar 1864; Birth Place: Germany, Potangen; Death Date: 10 Jul 1936; Death Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois; Burial Date: 13 Jul 1936; Burial Place: Chicago, Cook, IL; Cemetery Name: Montrose; Death Age: 72; Occupation: Housewife; Race: Wife; Marital status: M; Gender: Female; Street Address: 2125 Herndon; Father Name: Carl Wiedenhoft; Father Birth Place: Germany; Mother Name: Augusta; Mother Birth Place: Germany, Patangen; Spouse Name: Hans J. Vagt; FHL Film Number: 1927009”

  • Husband (1): Allen M. Hayes (1875-1909) married August 31, 1907 in Chicago, Cook County, IL, son of Frederick Harvey Hayes and Frederica M. (Cohoon) Hayes; Allen died January 3, 1909 in Chicago, Cook County, IL

According to the Cook County, Illinois, U.S., Deaths Index, 1878-1922:

“Name: Allen M. Hayes; Birth Date: abt 1876; Birth Place: USA; Death Date: 3 Jan 1909; Death Place: Chicago, Cook, Illinois; Burial Date: 3 Jan 1909; Burial Place: Nework, Ohio; Death Age: 33; Occupation: Printer; Race: White; Marital status: Married; Gender: Male; Residence: 6322 Jackson Park Ave.; FHL Film Number: 1239807”

According to the Chicago Tribune (Chicago IL) Tuesday, January 5, 1909, page 15:

“Hayes, Allen M., 63; 6322 Jackson Park av., Jan. 3.”

  • Husband (2): Frank George Brosseau born September 11, 1878; married Anna Hays on November 23, 1910 in Chicago, Cook County, IL

According to the U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918:

“Name: Frank George Brosseau; Permanent Home Address: 2143 Lewis St.,  Chicago, Cook County, Ill.; Age in Years: 40; Date of Birth: Sept. 11, 1878; Race: White; Native Born; Present Occupation: Clerk (R.R.); Employer’s Name: C. B. & Q Railroad Co; Place of Employment: 547 W. Jackson Blvd., Chicago, Cook County, Ill; Nearest Relative: Mrs. Anna Brosseau, Wife, 2143 Lewis St., Chicago, Cook County, Ill.; Height: Medium; Build: Slender; Color of Eyes: Hazel; Color of Hair: Brown; Has person lost arm, leg, hand, eye, or is he obviously physically disqualified?: Hard of hearing; Signed: Sept. 12, 1918”

  • Husband (3): George Willard Haskins born July 29, 1874 in Estherville, Emmet County, IA, son of Demetrius A. Haskins (1850-1932) and Mary Magdaline (Bledsoe) Haskins (1847-1926); married Anne (Vagt/Vogt) (Hayes) Brosseau on March 14, 1928 in Indiana; George died December 10, 1953 in Round Lake, Lake County, IL (See section pertaining to George Willard Haskins buried in the Fort Hill Cemetery)
  • Children of Anne (Vagt) Hayes and Allen M. Hayes:
  1. Violet (Hayes) Brosseau born about 1907 in Illinois

(NOTE: According to the 1910 U.S. Census, Violet was living with her widowed mother, Anna, in the home of her grandparents, Hans and Ida Vagt in Chicago, Cook County, IL; According to the 1920 U.S. Census, Violet was living with her mother, Anna Brasseau in Chicago)

According to the Chicago Tribune (Chicago IL) Saturday, May 31, 1924, page 17:

Scholarships at U. of C.
Won by Six in Chicago

   Six seniors from Chicago high schools and five from institutions outside the city won freshman scholarships at the University of Chicago in competitive examinations participated in by 323 students.  Of this number 161 were girls.
   The winners are Robert Heinscheimer, Harvard school; Erie Baker, University High school; Lester Leserman, Englewood High school; Myrtie Larson, Morgan Park High school; Virgine Headburg, Faulkner school; Violet Brosseau, Like View High school; Katherine Deupree of La Grange, Ill.; Brunner Becker of La Salle, Ill.; Sallie Larsh, Milwaukee, Wis.; Nelle Archer of El Dorado, Kas., and Anton Pegis of Milwaukee, Wis.”

According to the Chicago Tribune (Chicago IL) Tuesday, May 28, 1929, page 1:

Girl Vanishes;
Still No Trace
After 3 Weeks

   Three weeks of search by the police, telegrams to her friends and relatives all over the country and several radio broadcasts have failed to disclose anything concerning the fate or whereabouts of Miss Violet Brosseau, 21 years old, University of Chicago graduate and for the last year secretary in the Chicago offices of the National Life Insurance company of Vermont.  She disappeared on May 5.
   The police and the girl’s employers, family and friends say there are elements in her disappearance so mysterious that they are baffled.  It is a question, they say, whether Miss Brosseau is the victim of a strange amnesia which had at times seized her recently; whether she is the victim of a strange amnesia which had at times seized her recently; whether she is the victim of a kidnaping (sic) or other crime; or whether there were in her life circumstances of which they are ignorant.

Left Argyle Apartment.

   Miss Brosseau was last seen in her apartment at 1350 Argyle street on May 4.  She retired from the night and it is presumed she actually left there on Sunday, May 5.
   Police stations in every section of the city and suburbs were notified that same evening and the next day telegrams were dispatched to every possible place to which she might have gone.  Several radio stations broadcast request for information.
   Her mother, Mrs. G. W. Haskins of 1148 Lill avenue, yesterday tearfully told of the events leading up to her daughter’s disappearance.
   “She had been injured,” the mother said.  “One evening last January as she was coming down the elevated steps on her way home she fell.

Cites Loss of Memory.

   “Several times since then she has fallen suddenly into strange spells during which she would not recognize any one, not even me.  They would last several hours at the time.  At such times she couldn’t remember who she was nor any of her past.
   “Two months ago she went to live by herself in the Argyle street apartment, in order to have quiet at night.  On the Sunday she vanished one of her employers came for her in his car at 6 p. m. to take her to the hospital, where she was to be examined because of her peculiar spells.  He waited for her until 7 p. m.  His wife and one of Violet’s girl friends were with him.  She never came home.”
  Miss Brosseau was described as a quiet girl of unusual refinement, intellect and education.  She wore when she left, so far as can be determined, a dress having three capes of different shades of blue from the shoulders to the waist line.  She has blue eyes and chestnut bobbed hair.  She wore a topaz ring on her right little finger.”

According to the Vidette-Messenger of Porter County (Valparaiso IN) May 31, 1929, pages 1 AND 3:


Donald McLain and Jack
Conley, Leroy Youths,
Make Gruesome Find
While on a Frog Hunt.

   A Post mortem conducted this afternoon by Coroner E. H. Miller on the body of the young woman found yesterday in a swamp south of Hebron, revealed that she had been shot twice through the back with a .38 caliber revolver, in addition to a crushed skull on the left side.
   A marsh ticket on a secluded highway, three miles south of Hebron, yielded at noon Thursday the decomposed remains of a murdered woman.
   Two boys from Leroy, Ind., on an outing in the vicinity, came upon the body lying face downward in two inches of brackish swamp water while frog hunting.
   The boys, Donald McLain and Jack Conley, age 18 and 16 respectively, spread an alarm and Earl Bryant, Hebron deputy sheriff, notified Sheriff Burney Maxwell, who in turn apprised Dr. E. H. Miller, Porter county coroner.
   Authorities ordered the body removed to the Sievers & Folsom undertaking establishment in Hebron.
   Plainly the young woman was the victim of a cruel murder.  The skull had been crushed in on the left side of the face, directly over the over.
   Coroner Miller estimated the girl had been dead from one to two weeks.  She was attired in a tailored dark blue serge suit, a string of imitation seed pearls, a white blouse, pink chemise and flesh colored stockings.
   No purse or shoes were found, but pinned to the lapel of her coat was a gold plated emblem, embossed with a pair of roller skating shoes, below which was the name “Chicago.”
   The slain woman was about twenty-one years of age, five feet tall, weight about 125 pounds, and had brown bobbed hair and blue eyes.  No trade marks were found on the clothing.  Coroner Miller was of the opinion that the girl had been instantly killed by a blow on the head.
   An examination of the spot where the body was found revealed that the murderer had taken great pains to conceal the crime.  Willows into which the body was dragged were carefully replaced by entwining one branch with another.
   Discovery of the body aroused great excitement in Hebron.  The news spread to a tourist’s camp along the Kankakee river, half a mile away, and early last evening brought Mrs. Margaret Biggs to the undertaker’s.
   Mrs. Biggs, a resident of Hammond, had felt some anxiety concerning her sister, Alma Seifrig, employed as a maid at 205 West Plummer street, Calumet City, Ind., from whom she had heard nothing in two weeks.  Mrs. Biggs was not permitted to view the body, which was in advanced state of decomposition, but she examined the garments and said they were such as her sister might have worn.
   A Valparaio (sic) man is said to have informed authorities today that while hunting two weeks ago in the vicinity where the body was found that he saw a big automobile with a man and woman in it.  They driver of the car acted strangely and from all appearances had become confused in his directions.
   Persons living in the vicinity were unable to throw any light on the murder.  All who were questioned regarding it stated they had not seen or heard anything that aroused their suspicions that a crime was being committed.
   Another clew (sic) which local authorities are working on is that the murdered girl might be Violet Brosseau, Chicago unitversity graduate, missing from her home since May 5.  The Brosseau girl’s description bears striking similarity to the murdered victim.
   Coroner Miller went to Hebron this morning to conduct an autopsy.  At the same time an effort will be made to identify the body through a checkup with records of girls reported missing from Chicago.
   The murder is the second in the county in space of several years.  Three years ago the body of Mrs. Josephine Desiderio, of Gary, was found on the Furnessville road, east of Chesterton, bullet-pierced and burned beyond recognition.  Parts of both legs and one arm had been cut from the body.  The murderer, believed to be her husband, was never apprehended.  He is said to have fled to Italy.”

According to the Vidette-Messinger of Porter County (Valparaiso IN) Saturday, June 1, 1929, page 1:


Alma Siefrig, Calumet City
Maid, Tentatively Identified
by a Sister, is Rounded
up by Sheriff Maxwell

   Mystery still surrounds the identity of the young woman whose badly decomposed body was found Thursday noon in a swampy marsh just off a lonely dirt road three miles southwest of Hebron.  Sheriff Burney Maxwell declared this morning that positive identification had not been made at a late hour today and that the body was still lying unclaimed in Sievers & Folsom morgue in Hebron.
   Chicago newspapers are of the opinion that the body might be that of Miss Violet Brosseau, University of Chicago graduate, who mysteriously disappeared from her home in Chicago on May 5th last.  A picture of Miss Brosseau was sent here last night by the Herald-Examiner as an aid in establishing whether the dead girl was Miss Brosseau.
   Miss Brosseau’s description tallies strongly with the body found near Hebron, but owing to decomposition which has set in, any effort to establish identity by this means is futile according to local authorities.  The only hope of solving the mystery hinges on the clothing worn by the dead girl.  All marks of identification had been removed, officers discovered.
   Authorities yesterday believed they had solved the murder with the tentative identification by Mrs. Margaret Biggs, of Hammond, of the dead woman as that of her sister, Alma Siefrig, age 20, who disappeared two weeks ago from Calumet City, Ill.  Mrs. Biggs viewed the body yesterday afternoon but was not positive it was her sister.
   The Biggs identification was knocked into a coked hat when Sheriff Burney Maxwell and Coroner E. H. Miller made a flying trip to Hammond and Calumet City last night and found the Siefrig girl.  They also established the fact that all of the sisters of Mrs. Biggs, numbering five, were alive.
   Sheriff Maxell in reconstructing the incidents leading to the murder, declares that the girl was brought to the spot in a machine and then slain.  An autopsy of the body revealed a blow on the forehead just over the eye, and a bullet that penetrated the heart and lodged in the back.  The bullet, a 38-caliber missle, was extracted by Corner Miller.
   A measurement of the body yesterday by Coroner Miller showed the girl to be only 4 feet, 8 inches tall, instead of 5 feet as originally given out.
   Sheriff Maxwell was called to Hebron this morning in regard to the case, but communication with the Sievers & Folsom morgue was to the effect that the case is just as far from solution as it was when the body was first found.”

According to the Nebraska State Journal (Lincoln NE) Saturday, June 15, 1929, page 4:

Girl at Tulsa, Okl., Believed
to Be a Victim of Amnesia.

   TULSA, Okla. – (AP) – A girl, thought to be a victim of amnesia, found wandering the streets of Tulsa a week ago, was believed identified Friday as Miss Violet Brosseau, twenty-one year old Chicago university graduate, missing for several weeks, Captain Mercer, of the Tulsa police, announced.
   The young woman found here was taken into custody by police last week after she had appeared in a dazed condition at a Tulsa home and asked for a drink of water.  All previous efforts to establish her identity have failed.  She said she could not remember her name or anything of her former life, but told police she thought she had been drugged and robbed of jewelry and baggage by a man whom she meet on a sleeping car.
   CHICAGO – (AP) – Mrs. George W. Haskins, mother of Miss Violet Brosseau, missing Chicago girl, said the description of a young woman held by police in Tulsa, Okla., to an extent fitted the description of her missing daughter, but she said the identification has not been made positive.”

According to the Chicago Tribune (Chicago IL) Saturday, June 22, 1929, page 2:


   Mrs. G. W. Haskins, 1148 Lill avenue, early last evening in Vinita, Okla., identified a young woman known there only as “the mystery girl,” as her daughter, Violet Brosseau, 21 years old, who disappeared mysteriously from her apartment at 1350 Sunnyside avenue, on May 5.  Mrs. Haskins after the identification, made in the state hospital in Vinita, returned to Tulsa, where she was to obtain from the county court, papers to claim her daughter.
   Miss Brosseau apparently was the victim of amnesia.  After she vanished her mother reported that the girl had fallen down the elevate stairs one evening last January and that thereafter she had several short visits of amnesia, periods of several hours during which she didn’t remember who she was or anything of the past.  iMss (sic) Brosseau was to heve (sic) entered a hospital on the evening of the day she disappeared.
   Miss Brosseau, when she disappeared, was employed as a stenographer.  She had been graduated from the University of Chicago about a year ago.”

According to the Chicago Tribune (Chicago IL) Sunday, July 7, 1929, page 18:


   The young woman amnesia victim, found wandering some weeks ago in Tulsa, Okla., and once believed to have been Violet Brosseau of Chicago, left a hospital in Tulsa and yesterday passed through the city on her way to Detroit.
   She apparently had recovered from her loss of memory.  Oklahoma authorities kept her identity a secret.
   As eh alighted from a Chicago and Alton train at the Union station, she refused to talk with any one and no one was on hand to meet her.  When a photographer snapped her picture, she grew angry and dashed at him, breaking his straw hat.  She disappeared in a crowd of persons leaving the train.”

  • Siblings:
    • Paul Henry Carl Vagt/Vogt born November 16, 1887 in Chicago, Cook County, IL; married Grace Mary Vollmann (1887-?), daughter of Jacob Vollman (1851-1908) and Mary Almire (Davis) Vollman (1864-1939); Paul died December 1950; buried in Woodlawn Memorial Park (aka Woodlawn Cemetery) Forest Park, Cook County, IL

According to the U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918:

“Name in full: Paul Carl Vagt; Age in yrs.: 29; Home address: 2060 N. Racine, Chicago, Ill.; Date of birth: November 16 1887; Natural-born; Where were you born?: Chicago Ill U.S.; What is  your present trade? Clerk 29; By whom employed?: Burlington R.R.; Where employed? Clinton & Jackson Blvd; Have you a father, mother, wife, child under 12, or a sister or brother under 12, solely dependent on you for support?: Wife and two children; Married or single?: Married: Race: Caucasian; What military service have you had? (blank); Do you claim exemption from draft? See question #9 (Wife and two children); Tall, medium, or short?: Tall; Slender, medium, or stout: medium; Color of eyes? Gary; Color of hair? Light Brown; Signed June 5, 1917”

According to the U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942:

“Name: Paul Henry Vogt; Place of Residence: 9306 Washington, Brookfield, Cook County, Ill.; Mailing Address: Same; Telephone: Brookfield 4285; Age in Years: 52; Date of Birth: Nov 16 1887; Place of Birth: Chicago – Ill; Name and Address of Person Who Will Always Know Your Address: Grace Vogt (wife) 9306 Washington, Brookfield, Ill; Employer’s Name and Address: Chicago Burlington & Quincy R.R.; Place of Employment: 547 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago, Cook County, Ill.; Race: White; Height: 5 ft 11 in; Weight: 180#; Eyes: Gray; Hair: Blonde; Complexion: Light; Signed: April 27-1942”

According to the Chicago Tribune (Chicago IL) Sunday, December 17, 1950, page 44:

VOGT – Paul H. Vogt, late of 9306 Washington avenue, Brookfield, Ill., beloved husband of Grace M., nee Vollman; fond father of Paul C., Robert H., and Mrya Grimes.  Funeral Monday, 1 p. m., from funeral home, 3745 Grand boulevard, Brookfield, Ill.  Interment Woodlawn Memorial Park.  Member of Burlington Veterans Assn.  BRookfield 38.”

    • Elizabeth A. “Lizzie” (Vagt) Keenan born October 1889 in Illinois; married Henry Charles Keenan (1885-1935) on October 11, 1909 in Chicago, Cook County, IL
    • Richard William Vagt/Vogt born March 1, 1895 in Chicago, Cook County, IL; married Gertrude M. Knuepfer (1898-1987), daughter of Albert A. Knuepfer (1868-1947) and Anna (Arendt) Knuepfer (1869-?); Richard died December 21, 1961

According to the U.S., World War I Draft Registration Cards, 1917-1918:

“Name: Richard William Vagt; Age in years: 22; Home Address: 2125 Herndon St., Chicago, Illinois; Date of Birth: March 1, 1895; Natural-born citizen; Where were you born? Chicago, Illinois, United States; What is your present trade? Packer; By whom employed? Stewert Warner Speedometer Corporation; Where employed? 1848 Diversey Blvd, Chicago, Ill.; Have you a father, mother, wife, child under 12, or a sister or brother under 12, solely dependent on you for support? No; Married or single? Single; Race: White; What military service have you had? not any; Do you claim exemption from draft? No; Tall, medium, or short? Tall; Slender, medium, or stout: Slender; Color of Eyes: Light blue; Color of hair: Light; Bald? No; Not disabled; Signed: June 5, 1917″

According to the U.S., World War II Draft Registration Cards, 1942:

“Richard William Vogt; Place of Residence: 4746 No. Ashland, Chicago, Ill; Mailing Address: same; Telephone (blank); Age in Years: 1947; Date of Birth: Mar 1st 1895; Place of Birth: Chicago, Ill; Name and Address of Person Who Will Always Know Your Address: Gertrude Vogt, 4746 No Ashland Ave, Chicago; Employer’s Name and Address: C-B& Q R.R. Co; Place of Employment: 546 W. Jackson Blvd, Chicago, Ill; Race: White; Height: 5′ 10″; Weight: 184; Eyes: Blue; Hair: Blonde; Complexion: Light”

According to the Chicago Tribune (Chicago IL) Saturday, December 23, 1961, page 16:

Richard Vogt, beloved husband of Gertrude, nee Knuepfer; fond father of Marion Graeber; loving grandfather of Margaret Ann Graeber; dear brother of Elizabeth Keenan, the late Ann Haskin, and Paul.  Funeral Saturday 1 p. m., from Krauspe Chapel, 3905-0 N. Lincoln avenue.  Interment family lot.  Past Comdr. of Burlington Route post, No. 387, A. L.”

Additional Information:

According to the 1900 U.S. Census for City of Chicago, North Town, Cook County, IL; living at 64 Hernden Street, the household members were:

“Hans Vagt, head, born March 1860, age 40, married for 14 years, born in Germany, parents born in Germany; Immigration Year: 1883, Years in the U.S.: 17, naturalized, Occupation: Porter Dry Goods; Ida Vaft, wife, born March 1864, age 36, married for 14 years, 4 children born, 4 children living, born in Germany, parents born in Germany, Immigration Year: 1884, years in the U.S.: 16; Annie B. Vagt, daughter, born June 1886, age 13, single, born in Illinois; Paul Vagt, son, born September 1887, age 12, single, born in Illinois; Lizzie A. Vagt, daughter, born October 1889, age 10, single, born in Illinois; Richard Vagt, son, born March 1895, age 5, single, born in Illinois; Augusta Wiedenoft, mother, born march 1834, age 66, widowed, 7 children born, 5 children living, born in Germany, parents born in Germany, Richard ?, boarder, born June 1883, age 27, single, born in Germany, parents born in Germany, Immigration Year: 1887, Years in the U.S.: 13, Occupation: Waiter Hotel”

According to the 1910 U.S. Census for Chicago City, Cook County, IL living at 2125 Herndon St, the household members were:

“Hans Vagt, head, age 62, married once at age 24, born in Germany, parents born in Germany, Immigration Year: 1883, naturalized: Occupation: Receiving Clerk – Extract Co; Ida Vagt, wife, age 45, married once for 24 years, 4 children born, 4 children living, born in Germany, parents born in Germany, Immigration Year: 1885; Paul Vagt, son, age 22, single, born in Illinois, Occupation: Tracing clerk – Railroad; Richard Vagt, son, age 15, single, born in Illinois, Occupation: Office boy – Insurance; Anna Hayes, daughter, age 23, widowed, born in Illinois, Occupation: Saleslady – Department Store; Violet Hays, grand-daughter, age 3, single, born in Illinois, father born in Ohio, mother born in Illinois”

According to the Indiana, U.S., Marriages, 1810-2001:

“Name: Anne Brosseau; Gender: Female; Eventy Type: Marriage Registration (Marriage); Marriage Date: 14 Mar 1928; Marriage Place: Indiana, United States; Spouse: George W Haskins; Page: 117; FHL Film Number: 002416125”

According to the 1920 U.S. Census for Chicago City, Cook County, IL living at 731 Brian Place, the household members were:

“Henry Richardson, head, age 44, married, born in Illinois, father born in Tennessee, mother born in Tennessee, Occupation: Sales Man – Paint; Myrtle Richardson, wife, age 41, married, born in Illinois, parents born in Illinois; Occupation: Sales Lady – Dept Store; Charles Richardson, son, age 15, single, born in Illinois: Robert Ray, brother in law, age 43, divorced, born in Illinois, Occupation: Elevator Operator – Merch Warehouse; Evertt Long, roomer, age 20, single, born in Illinois, parents born in Illinois; Occupation: Mechanic – Vacuum Cleaners; Anna Brasseau, roomer, age 34, married, born in Illinois, parents born in Illinois, Occupation: Dipper – Chocolates; Violet Brasseau, roomer, age 14, single, born in Illinois, parents born in Illinois.”

According to the 1930 U.S. Census for Chicago City, Cook County, IL, living at 1148 Lill Avenue, the household members were:

“George W. Haskins, head, age 49, first married at age 23, born in Iowa, parents born in Wisconsin, Occupation: Conductor – Railroad; Anne Haskins, wife, age 37, first married at age 18, born in Illinois, parents born in Germany”

According to the 1940 U.S. Census for Chicago, Cook County, IL living at 1307 Addison Street, the household members were:

“George Haskins, head, age 58, married, highest grade completed: H1, born in Iowa, lived in same house in 1935, Occupation: Conductor – Pullman Car Railroad Steam; Anne Haskins, wife, age 45, married, highest grade completed: H4, born in Illinois, lived in same house in 1935”

According to the 1950 U.S. Census for Long Lake Area, Avon Township, Lake County, IL living at 215 Lotus Drive, the household members were:

“George W. Haskins, head, age 74, married, born in Iowa, Was he living in this same house a year ago?: Yes, What country were his father and mother born in?: Father – Wisconsin, Mother – Pennsylvania, What is the highest grade of school that he has attended? S-12, Did he finish this grade?: Yes, Last year in how many weeks did this person do any work at all?: 12, Last year (1949) how much money did he earn working as an employee for wages or salary?: $400, Last year how much money did he receive from interest, dividends, veteran’s allowances, pensions, rents, or other income?: $1,316; Anne Haskins, wife, age 63, married, born in Illinois”

According to the Lake County Illinois Genealogical Society. “Strang Funeral Home – Grayslake, Illinois – 1908-1964”. Mundelein IL. 2015:

“Surname: HASKINS; Name: Anne; Birth Date/Place: 22 Jun 1886, Chicago; Death Date/Place: 27 Nov 1958, Lake Villa; Cause of Death: Myocarditis; Widowed; Occupation: (blank); Minister – Funeral Home: Rev. LIDDICOAT, Chapel; Burial Place – Next of Kin: Fort Hill, Hans VOGT-Father, Ida WEIDENHOFT-Mother”