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Aarrowood Pet Cemetery (also see Willow Lawn Memorial Park)Vernon924090 N Hwy 45 in Vernon Hills1961
Allendale SchoolLake Villa32600 W Grand Ave. in Lake VillaUnknown
Am Echod (borders Union)Waukegan193050 Grand Ave. in WaukeganCa. 1916
AngolaLake Villa4Rte. 83 south of Grand Ave. in Lake Villa1840
Ascension Catholic (aka Ascension)Libertyville111920 Buckley Rd. in Libertyvillle1928
Avon CentreAvon1521300 W Shorewood Rd. in GrayslakeCa. 1845
Benedictine AbbeyAntioch4east of Nelson Rd., 1/4 mile south of IL/WI state line1964
Bennett (private property – abandoned)Ela18South side of Miller Rd. at Indian Trail Rd. in North Barrington, west of Lake ZurichBef. 1850
Benton Greenwood (aka Howe Family)Benton3039280 N Green Bay Rd. in Beach Park1845
Briggs Family (no longer exists)Ela9N Midlothian Rd. near Echo Lake Rd. in Lake Zurich)Ca. 1845
Cemetery of the Religious of the Sacred Heart (aka RSCJ, Barat College, & Seminary of the Sacred Heart)Moraine4near Sherman Rd. north of E Westleight Rd. in Lake ForestCa. 1909
Cranberry Lake (no longer exists)Avon28west side of Hainesville Rd., north of Rte. 120 on Cranberry Lake Unknown
Daggitt (aka Grace & Braeside)Moraine36425 Lake Cook Rd. in Highland Park1845
DeerfieldWest Deerfield33S Waukegan Rd & Central Ave in Deerfield1853
Devine Family (no longer exists)Newport26northwest corner of Sec., west side of Kilbourne Rd., north of Wadsworth Rd.Bef. 1861
Diamond LakeVernon51257 Townline Rd. in MundeleinCa. 1842
Druce FamilyAvon24W. Washington St & Mainsail Dr. in Third Lake1842
East Fox Lake (aka Fox Lake & Monaville)Lake Villa7W Old Monaville Rd., east of Fairfield Rd. in Lake Villa1855
Edwards Family (no longer exists)Avon15northwest of Avon Centre CemeteryUnknown
Fairfield (aka Fairfield-English)Ela1024375 N Quentin Rd. in Forest Lake1853
Fisher FamilyWauconda930830 Fisher Rd. west of Volo1854
Fort Hill (borders St. Joseph Catholic)Avon31Rte. 120, east of Fairfield Rd. in Round Lake1847
Fort Sheridan National (administered by Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery in Elwood, IL)Moraine10Vattman Rd. near 401 Sheridan Rd. in Highland Park1889
Garwood Family (no longer exists)Antioch14south side of Rte. 173, southwest of southern tip of Channel LakeBef. 1885
Garwood Family (no longer exists)Avon16west end of Shorewood Rd.Unknown
Grant (aka Shepherd’s Burying Ground)Grant2626730 W Molidor Rd. in Ingleside1845
Grass LakeAntioch2626410 W. Grass Lake Rd.1875
GrayslakeAvon35S. Lake St. north of Rte. 120 in Grayslake1847
Gridley FamilyVernon7Rte. 83 north of Gilmer Rd., back off the road on little hill surrounded by an iron fence in Vernon Hills1841
Hickory (no longer exists – bodies moved to Hickory Union)Antioch13southwest of Rte. 173 & Rte. 45 in Hickory CornersUnknown
Hickory UnionAntioch1219300 W Edwards Rd.1858
Highland Memorial ParkWarren2933100 N Hunt Club Rd. in Libertyville1965
Hillside (borders Mount Carmel)Antioch26Hillside Ave. & Rte. 173 in Antioch1875
Hillside EastAntioch9430 East Depot St. in Antioch, just west of Deep Lake Rd.Ca. 2004
Holcomb Family (no longer exists – moved to Ivanhoe)Libertyville19southwest corner of Sec. on township lineBef. 1861
Home Oaks (aka Oakland)Lake Villa2739923 Deep Lake Rd. in Lake Villa1846
Hope Grove (aka Shaw Family)Wauconda3in field located southwest corner of Rte. 120 and Wilson Rd.1847
IvanhoeFremont2221150 IL-176 in Mundelein1841
Knopf (Kingswood United Methodist Church)Vernon3220685 Arlington Heights Rd. in Buffalo Grove1855
Lake County Poor FarmLibertyville16500 W Winchester Rd. in Libertyville1923
Lake Forest (borders St. Mary)Shields281525 N Lake Rd. in Lake Forest1859
Lake MoundZion27southeast corner of Sheridan Rd. and 29th St. in Zion1860
Lake ZurichEla17N Midlothian Rd. south of N Echo Lake Rd. in Lake Zurich1901
LakesideLibertyville16600 Lake St. in Libertyville1843
Long GroveVernon30Robert Parker Coffin Rd. north of Rte. 53 in Long Grove1847
MillburnNewport3118577 W Millburn Rd., east of Millburn1861
Mooney (borders St. Mary)Moraine271087 Ridge Rd. in Highland Park1907
Mount Carmel (borders Hillside Cemetery) (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville IL)Antioch7Hillside Ave. & Harden St. in Antioch1902
Mount Olivet (no longer exists – closed in 1958. Burials were relocated to either St. Mary’s in Waukegan or Ascension) (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville)Waukegan29Dugdale Rd south of Rte. 120 & east of Green Bay Rd. in WaukeganCa. 1846
Mount Olivet Memorial ParkBenton181436 Kenosha Rd. in Zion1903
Mount RestNewport942405 US Hwy 41 in Wadsworth1844
Mount Saint JosephEla724955 N U.S. Hwy. 12 in Lake ZurichCa. 1927
New Gracanica Servian Orthodox (aka Most Holy Mother of God Monastery)Avon13Sunshine Ave. west of Rte. 45 in Third LakeCa. 1976
Northshore Garden of MemoriesWaukegan311801 Green Bay Rd. in North Chicago1917
OakdaleNewport12south side 9th St., west of Green Bay Rd. near Trumpet Rd. in Wadsworth1847
Oakwood (borders Saint Mary’s)Waukegan28east side of S Genesee St. near 9th St. in Waukegan1830
Pahlman Family (status unknown)Ela26North of Middleton Dr., north of Andover Rd. in KildeerCa. 1900
Pine View Memorial ParkBenton3310750 W Beach Rd. in Beach Park1913
Sand LakeLake Villa321349 Grave Ave. in Lake Villa1846
Serbian Orthodox Monastery of Saint Sava (aka Saint Sava)Warren3332377 IL-21 north of LibertyvilleCa. 1932
Slocum FamilyWauconda28southwest corner of Rte. 176 and Darrell Rd.1838
St. Anne’s (no longer exists – established in 1844, abandoned in 1859 – property deeded out in 1916 and five bodies moved to St. Mary and Union of Waukegan)Shields17unknown location near the Dwyer Settlement, now the area of the Lake Bluff Elementary School on Green Bay Rd.1844
St. Bede Catholic (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville IL)Grant12E Grand Ave. & N Wilson Rd. in Ingleside1872
St. Joseph Catholic (borders Fort Hill) (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville IL)Avon31Rte. 120, east of Fairfield Rd. in Round Lake1921
St. Mary (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville IL)Vernon3310 N Buffalo Grove Rd. in Buffalo Grove1875
St. Mary (aka Saint Mary’s Catholic) (borders Mooney) (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville, IL)Moraine27Ridge Rd. across from Westgate Terr. in Highland Park1840
St. Mary Catholic (aka Saint Mary of the Annunciation) (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville IL)Fremont1622333 W Erhart Rd. in Fremont Center1865
St. Mary Catholic (borders Lake Forest) (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville IL)Shields15(Spruce Ave. east of Sheridan Rd. in Lake Forest1876
St. Mary Catholic (borders Oakwood) (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville IL)Waukegan28801 S Genesee St. near 8th St. in WaukeganCa. 1873
St. Mary Catholic 1865-1885 (no longer exists – bodies moved to new site on south side of Erhart Rd. next to new church between 1885 and 1900.)Fremont21northwest corner of Fremont Center Road & Rte. 176 – intersection no longer exists1865
St. Mary of the Lake Seminary (aka Mundelein Seminary, Our Lady of the Lake SeminaryLibertyville19East entrance off Rte. 45, on University Dr. across from the Faculty Residence in MundeleinCa. 1920s
St. Matthew Lutheran ChurchEla1024500 N Old McHenry Rd. in Hawthorn Woods1863
St. Patrick (aka Saint Patrick Catholic) (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville IL)West Deerfield7Telegraph Rd. south of Everett Rd. in Lake Forest1840
St. Patrick’s (aka Mill Creek, Saint Patrick Catholic, Saint Patrick) (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville IL)Newport16east side of N Mill Creek Rd. in Wadsworth1849
St. Paul (St. Paul United Church of Christ)Cuba36East Main St. east of Rte. 14 in Barrington1863
St. Peter Catholic (aka Saint Peter, Saint Peter’s) (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville IL)Wauconda327551 Volo Village Rd. in VoloCa. 1885
Swan FamilyFremont11north side of W Winchester Rd., 1/2 mile east of Rte. 83)1841
Transfiguration Catholic (original location of St. Johns Mission log church before moving to Wauconda) (administered by Ascension Cemetery in Libertyville IL)Fremont30(Rte. 176 across the Lakewood Forest Preserve)1856
U.S. Naval (aka Great Lakes Naval Base)Shields4530 Farragut Ave. B in Great Lakes1913
Union (aka Spaulding Corner – borders Am Echod)Waukegan183120 Grand Ave. in Waukegan?1841
Unknown Catholic name (no longer exists – bodies moved to Mooney)West Deerfield26southeast corner of Green Bay Rd. & Lincoln Ave. in Highland Park. Was next to the first mission church in the area. Mission replaced by permanent parish, cemetery forgotten. 80 years later was rediscovered by city when construction of Lincoln Park. 
Unknown name (no longer exists – bodies moved to Hillside after 1907)Antioch7east side of Rte. 59, just south of Rte. 173 
Unknown name (no longer exists – bodies moved to Millburn)Lake Villa36northeast corner of Sec., between Rte. 45 and township line 
Unknown name (no longer exists – most bodies moved to Lake Mound)Benton33northeast corner of Sec., west side of Sheridan Rd., on south bank of creek 
Unknown name (no longer exists)Avon27“East of Gooding’s house” 
Unknown name (no longer exists)Benton31/2 mile from IL-WI state line, just east of the Chicago & Northwestern RR tracks 
Unknown name (no longer exists)Benton3 or 4“North of Winthrop Harbor” 
Unknown name (no longer exists)Cuba13(north of Honey Lake 
Unknown name (no longer exists)Cuba21northeast corner of Sec., near Kelsey School 
Unknown name (no longer exists)Cuba21southeast quarter of Sec. 
Unknown name (no longer exists)Cuba36northeast of Barrington 
Unknown name (no longer exists)Cuba24possibly Sec. 24, “near Chungs Creek” – creek crosses Rte. 22 east of Rte. 59 
Unknown name (no longer exists)Ela34south side of Long Grove Rd., west of Rand Rd. on Graver family property 
Vernon Township (aka Half Day)Vernon1515215 Cemetery Rd. in Lincolnshire1835
VoloWauconda3N Fox Lake Rd., north of Volo Village Rd. in Volo1835
WarrenWarren161475 N Cemetery Rd. in Gurnee1846
Wauconda (bodies were transferred from old burying ground which became the Wauconda Academy on Maple St.)Wauconda25, 26, 35 & 36Barrington Rd. south of Rte. 176 in Wauconda1850
Weiss Family (no longer exists)Avon28“In the woods on Weiss property” Unknown
White MemorialCuba2626361 W Cuba Rd in Barrington1855
Willow Lawn Memorial ParkVernon924090 N Hwy. 45 in Vernon Hills)1964